Fort Hood Targeted for Second Terrorist Attack

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In an online posting, Abdo claimed his arrest was in retaliation for his conscientious objector status.

“It has been nearly 10 months since the investigation started,” he said in a June 23 Islampolicy article, “and I am only now being charged with child pornography when my C.O. claim is approved. I think that all sounds pretty fishy.”

The army’s decision to grant conscientious objector status was blasted by the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD). In a statement, the group called Abdo a traitor with an interpretation of Islam that “is dangerous and part of radical Islam globally.”

“Abdo’s obsession with Islamophobia is the same logic that drove the murderous rampage of Maj Nidal Hasan on Nov. 5, 2009 at Fort Hood,” AIFD President and Navy veteran Zuhdi Jasser said in the statement. “Abdo’s adherence to the global Islamist ideology above his American loyalty runs to the core of what we Muslims need to fight in real counterterrorism.”

According to the congressman whose district includes Fort Hood, Abdo told FBI agents that he was “planning an attack on Fort Hood.”

Rep. John Carter, R-Round Rock, credited “quick action by a Texas gun dealer” in helping prevent “a repeat of the tragic 2009 radical Islamic attack on our nation’s largest military installation.”

The gun dealer, Greg Ebert, told the police that he was “concerned with the quantity of his [Abdo’s] request and his general demeanor.” Ebert added, “There was clearly something wrong with him.”

Abdo allegedly went into the store requesting gunpowder and “reloading options.” After asking about 40-caliber ammunition, he bought three boxes of 12-gauge ammunition and a magazine for a pistol. Abdo paid in cash and then left in a cab.

FBI agents searching his hotel room later reportedly found gunpowder, shotgun shells, a pressure cooker, 18 pounds of sugar and ammunition. FBI Special Agent Eric Vasys said that Abdo “had some components which could be considered bomb-making materials.” Abdo also purchased an Army uniform with Fort Hood patches from a local surplus store.

CNN reports that “Islamic extremist literature” was found in his backpack.

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