Shia Muslims and ongoing oppression in Sunni Muslim dominated nations

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Shia Muslims and ongoing oppression in Sunni Muslim dominated nations

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Shia Muslims don’t face persecution in mainly Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and secular nations. However, throughout the Sunni Muslim world the Shia community faces daily discrimination and deadly attacks often erupt in Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and other nations. This reality needs to be debated more openly and international pressure needs to be felt and this applies to a new motion put before the United Nations.

On January 23 in Iraq more Sunni Islamic terrorist attacks killed innocent Shia Muslims and bystanders who happened to be in a mainly Shia part of Baghdad. This threat is constant because of homegrown Sunni Islamic terrorism in Iraq and international angles. This applies to Sunni religious zealots from Saudi Arabia and other nations instigating mass hatred towards the Shia. Of course, Sunni Islamic terrorists in Iraq also target the Christian community and because of this vast numbers have fled to other nations.

In Pakistan you have many Sunni Islamic terrorist networks which deem the Shia to be infidels and only recently major terrorist attacks killed many Shia Muslims. It matters not if political leaders in Iraq and Pakistan come from the Shia community because elements within the Sunni extremist terrorist networks clearly desire to install fear and instigate sectarianism.

It must be remembered than when Al-Qaeda played a more prominent role in Afghanistan that this Sunni Islamic terrorist network along with the Sunni Taliban movement, targeted and killed Shia Muslims in the tens of thousands. Therefore, many Shia Muslims fled this Sunni onslaught against their beleaguered community.

Bahrain and Yemen are two other nations whereby the Shia are marginalized and betrayed by the dominant Sunni Muslim forces in both nations. More alarming, many Shia villages have been bombed in Yemen whereby women and children have been killed. Also, in Bahrain outside nations like Saudi Arabia have boosted the Sunni ruling leadership with the results being more innocent deaths of Shia Muslims and ongoing persecution of Shia religious leaders.

In Saudi Arabia, a nation which supports killing apostates and whereby not one single Christian church or Buddhist temple is allowed, is also anti-Shia and fanatical Sunni extremists, organizations, and wealthy business individuals, are intent on spreading the anti-Shia theme throughout Saudi Arabia and to other nations. Indeed, the Shia community faces enormous discrimination in this draconian society but of course the oil issue for Western political leaders maintains’ a firm silence. The upshot of this is more oppression of the Shia in regions like Qatif and ongoing restrictions on all non-Muslim religions throughout the nation.

Indeed, while Malaysia is often praised in the “naïve Western media” for being modern and open, the stark reality is that in this nation the Shia faith is illegal. Therefore, Shia Muslims in Malaysia are in constant fear of being arrested and monitored for merely belonging to a different branch within Islam.  However, what international pressure is being put on Malaysia internationally and within the Commonwealth nations?

In the United Kingdom you also have white converts to Sunni Islam who have taken up important religious leadership roles but many have also entered the anti-Shia world. For example Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi (born Ian Dallas) commented that“Lebanon has already demonstrated that a concordance between the two religions (Islam and Shi‘ism) cannot work. It is now under the control of the Shi‘a. From it, the Palestinian entity has been destroyed, split in two, one side mafia-based and the other openly converted to Shi‘ism.”

“Jordan, too is split. The mass are modernist but devoid of an ‘Aqida and a Fiqh, while the Rulership openly espouses one-worldist movements and has issued a Declaration accepting the Shi‘a as if it could subsist within Islam. Shi‘ism is not a cancer in the body of Islam, it was a wart which fell off, hence its name.”

“Bahrain we have identified as an anomaly. Since the rulers are too weak, bearing as they do a calamitous history, they can only do one of two things, submit to the kafir capitalist doctrine of counting people as numbers and give the country over to the Shi‘a, or ask Arabia to annex the territory, thus rescuing the arithmetic. I do not, cannot propose the Maliki Islamic solution. Declare the State Islamic, thus preventing non-Muslims holding office and at the same time charge the Shi‘a Jizya assuring them protection alongside the Jews and Christians. Now there is tolerance at its limit! This would have to be preceded by introducing a collected Zakat.”

Therefore, it is abundantly clear that hatred towards the Shia Muslim community throughout the Sunni Muslim world is a major problem. Also, radical Sunni converts to Islam have entered into an anti-Shia and anti-Christian mindset. However, this issue is being ignored and brushed aside but the natural reality is that if the Shia suffers such discrimination then naturally all other non-Sunni religious groups will also suffer the same hatred and marginalization.

From September 11, Bali, London, Madrid, and other international terrorist attacks, the one uniting theme is that all were done by radical Sunni Islamists. It is clear that all non-Sunni Muslims and non-Muslims are deemed to be subhuman and open to murder in the name of radical Sunni Islam.

However, what is more alarming is that institutional discrimination against the Shia is a fact of life in nations like Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Therefore, why isn’t this issue being addressed? Also, it makes a mockery of so-called Muslim unity because simply put it doesn’t exit.

Finally, it is important for moderate Sunni religious leaders to speak out about rampant religious discrimination. If not, then moderate religious forces within Sunni Islam will also be crushed and if you look at modern day Pakistan it is clear that progressive Sunni Muslims are under attack from Sunni extremists.

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