France and the killer of Jews and soldiers is surrounded: links to Al Qaeda

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France and the killer of Jews and soldiers is surrounded: links to Al Qaeda

Murad Makhmudov, Walter Sebastian and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The suspect in the brutal murders of Jews and soldiers in France is Mohammed Merah who is of Algerian descent. Apparently, he claims that the he was trained by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan. If so, then once more you have an Islamist who was trained in two nations which are meant to be allies in the war against terrorism. This raises serious questions related to passport control and the same applies to why this known terrorist was allowed to walk freely in France. Therefore, the authorities need to answer all these serious questions.

It is important that individuals don’t jump to conclusions because events are moving quickly but clearly something is wrong. After all, since he was on the “terrorist radar” then how did he obtain so many weapons? Of course, at the moment details are still sketchy and the next few days will provide more important information. However, this raises serious questions and the same applies to why a known Islamist was free to spread his hatred and kill innocent people.

Early indicators after the attacks were that the individual may have been right-wing but like the Modern Tokyo Times article stated, this seemed rather strange. The quote given in the earlier article was that “This indicates that a far-right motive may be behind the murders but at the moment this is only speculation because why kill soldiers who are loyal to France?”

The far-right motive was based on the fact that every individual killed came from an ethnic minority background. However, like stated, “…why kill soldiers who are loyal to France?”  Therefore, the Islamist angle seemed the most likely source or a crazed individual who had a personal motive. However, the far-right angle surely wouldn’t have involved killing soldiers.

Francois Molins, the anti-terror chief, claims that the suspect had intended to kill more people before being surrounded. Therefore, the people of Toulouse are free from this individual and either he will be arrested, killed in a shoot-out, or he will commit suicide.

This individual killed Jewish children in France without any care or compassion because he was blinded by Islamist indoctrination. However, did this indoctrination begin in France or did it build up in Afghanistan, Pakistan or another country?  At the moment nothing is certain but it is known that he was involved in terrorist activities abroad. Therefore, how did he break passport controls in Asia and given the freedom of movement in Europe within the European Union, then this raises serious questions.

President Nicolas Sarkozy called the brutal attack against Jewish adults and children “a national tragedy” and that an “anti-Semitic motive” appears to be obvious. However, the anti-Semitic motive must not be clouded because this individual had no qualms about killing individuals irrespective of ethnicity. The soldiers killed belonged to different faiths and ethnic groups. Therefore, Mohammed Merah hated all non-Muslims and all Muslims who don’t follow his version of Islam.

The Jewish school was an easy target and just like he supported radical Sunni Islamic terrorist networks in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which kill Shia Muslims and moderate Muslims, this brutal Islamist aimed his hatred towards anyone who didn’t support his own thinking. However, it must be stressed that anti-Jewish hatred is espoused in many circles throughout the Islamic world and not enough is being done to counter this hatred – the demons of Europe all know about this sickness which lives on within many far-right organizations. Also, nearly every major prophet in Islam is Jewish with the obvious exception being Mohammed. These Jewish prophets were followers of Judaism and the angle related to Jesus entangles the web with Christianity. Therefore, the anti-Semitic motive is confusing because the foundation of Islam can’t escape its Jewish roots.

It is vital for special agents in France to find out where the indoctrination began and which institutions did he visit. After all, since he did visit Afghanistan and Pakistan, then all vital “loose ends” need to be known and the same applies to possible networks which may have been maintained.

Once the situation is fully resolved then it is essential to focus on all the victims of these hate crimes. At the same time, different faith groups and all important organizations must work together in Toulouse because this individual wanted to create tensions within the local community. However, like William Hague, Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, stated “This act of calculated cruelty will unite all decent people in revulsion and condemnation.”

Therefore, now is the time in Toulouse to strengthen bridges between different faith groups and secularists, in order to “defeat the forces of hatred.” However, in the BBC article it was stated that “Elsewhere in the city, police are hunting for accomplices and have detained several members of his family.” If he did have accomplices, then clearly the situation is much more serious because it highlights that his hatred was supported.

It appears that the killer is pleading the “Palestinian card” but this doesn’t wash because Al Qaeda is slaughtering Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and in other parts of the world. Also, in the modern world it is mainly Muslims who are killing each other on the grounds of sectarianism or ethnicity.

Therefore, the killer of Jewish children, a Jewish adult, and soldiers, is not only a follower of hatred – he clearly doesn’t understand the reality of supporting networks which slaughter Shia Muslims and other minorities within the Islamic world. 

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