Islamists in Nigeria Brutally Murder North Korean and Nigerian Health Care Workers

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President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria denounced the latest murders. He stated that wwwforexcom “The government will continue to do everything possible to track down and apprehend agents of terrorism in the country.”

In the latest brutal attack which killed three North Koreans it was reported by AP that come funxiona autopzionibinarie “Assailants in northeastern Nigeria killed three North Korean doctors, beheading one of the physicians, in the latest attack on health workers in a nation under assault by a radical Islamic sect, officials said Sunday.”

“The deaths Saturday night of the doctors in Potiskum, a town in Yobe state long under attack by the sect known as Boko Haram, comes after gunmen killed at least nine women administering polio vaccines in Kano, the major city of Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north.”

Blame is being pinned on Boko Haram which is a militant Islamist group that seeks the implementation of Islamic Sharia law in its entirety. Yet, in the past this group claimed responsibility for its brutal attacks; therefore, you have some fears that splinter groups have either been created – or you may have new Islamist groups emerging – either way, this angle is most worrying. Of course, it could be that Boko Haram is feeling real pressure therefore this movement is going even further underground in order to escape detection. Whatever the truth is, it is clear that Nigerian authorities are worried about this new dimension.

One can only imagine the fear of the three North Korean doctors when machete wielding Islamists broke into their home. The same applies to the Nigerian health care workers who were gunned down by militants. After all, these individuals had dedicated their lives to helping society and caring about humanity. However, the anti-forces of humanity murdered them while believing that this is their sacred religious duty.

Nigeria faces a very dangerous internal enemy which seeks to crush diversity and to turn the clock back to “year zero.” In their world all and sundry are open to be persecuted because “the other” is hated; irrespective if the “other” is Muslim or non-Muslim. Indeed, Islamists have attacked several leading indigenous Muslim figures in Nigeria and recently the emir of Kano was lucky to survive an attack against his life.

Sadly, the rise of militant Islam is growing in parts of Nigeria and clearly health workers are easy targets for the people of hate. opciones binarias markets truffe operazioni binarie

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