Bahrain and Syria Highlights the Real Axis of Evil: Gulf Islamism, Turkey & Western Opportunism

Bahrain and Syria Highlights the Real Axis of Evil: Gulf Islamism, Turkey & Western Opportunism

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Bahrain and Syria highlights the “real axis of evil” because clearly outside nations are not sponsoring terrorism, sectarianism and sedition against the Kingdom of Bahrain. This reality is based on the fact that China, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Russian Federation, and Bric nations in general, support “conflict resolution” instead of “destabilization.” However, the “axis of evil” in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey which have been encouraged to various degrees by America, France and the United Kingdom; have all sided with the forces of terrorism, sedition and sectarianism in order to crush the Syrian government.


Voices in the Gulf and in Western capitals keep on sprouting the same rhetoric against the government of Bashar al-Assad but he appears much more diplomatic than the enemies against him. After all, Israel and Turkey have violated the sovereignty of Syria by bombing this nation – even if the attacks were limited. However, Syria did not respond by using the military option because clearly the political elites understand the ulterior motives of their many enemies.

At the same time Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have openly sided with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and a plethora of Islamist terrorist organizations in Syria. Turkey is the main conduit for terrorists, military arms and covert operatives to enter Syria by crossing the border between both nations. Also, it is more than apparent that the government of Erdogan in Turkey had hoped for a NATO attack against Syria. However, political factions within the Obama administration in America threw cold water over this reality alongside other NATO members.

France which was really egging on the international community to bomb Syria also appears to be on the back-foot because of events in Mali. Not only this, the response of Qatar and Turkey to the actions of France in Mali clearly highlights the reality of their “true relationship.” This applies to the relationship being based on “different cultural values” and “long-term objectives.” Therefore, it is hoped that France will come to understand that secularism is under threat in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria – and in any nation where “the light exists” throughout the region. Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are dreaming of Sunni Islamist dominated nation states. Given this reality, it is essential that secularists in Turkey should take note that their own government desires to destroy the common fabrics of society in this nation.


Turning to Bahrain, then it is clear that the Shia majority is not being armed and supplied with weapons from third parties to any major degree based on foreign state support. Iran could destabilize Bahrain easily if desired but clearly the political elites in Tehran are not interested in creating more chaos. It should be remembered that Iran supported the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan and gave tacit approval of this fighting force to join the US led invasion of Afghanistan. This applies to overthrowing the Taliban in Afghanistan and closing down Al Qaeda terrorist bases which had been responsible for slaughtering many Shia Muslims. Also, it is known that special operatives from Iran helped America during the invasion of Iraq because the Iran-Iraq war left a legacy of mutual suspicion and the government of Saddam Hussein persecuted the Shia majority. The Iran and US “alliance from a distance” also worked together in Bosnia and Kosovo, whereby America tacitly allowed Iran to break the military arms embargo which had been imposed on Bosnia.

In the last few days major demonstrations have erupted in Bahrain whereby vast numbers of people are showing their discontent towards the ruling monarch. These demonstrations are marking the second anniversary of protests which erupted on a major scale in Bahrain. Saudi Arabia is alarmed by this reality because the “Sunni angle” means that they fear either a new powerful Shia elite emerging and the same fear applies to any signs of democracy. This hypocrisy highlights the complete sham of Gulf nations, Turkey and the Western alliance against Syria. After all, the very same nations fear democracy and the collapse of feudal monarchs in the Gulf. Yet these nations peddle “liberty,” “freedom,” and other “noble words” in order to cover-up their real motives against the government of Syria. More alarming, not only do they cover-up their genuine motives but the “real axis of evil” is even sponsoring terrorism, sectarianism, sedition and spreading Salafi Islamist indoctrination, in order to crush secular Syria.

The BBC reports about the demonstrations in Bahrain that The rally had been called by opposition political societies calling for a constitutional monarchy, but many in the crowd were shouting for the end of the monarchy and the ousting of the royal al-Khalifa family.”

“One eyewitness told the BBC that police had fired on the marchers without any apparent provocation, adding that people had run into a commercial mall to escape the police.”

The BBC article further states that “The protests and violence come as the government and opposition start a national dialogue aimed at easing the country’s crisis. The majority Shia community in Bahrain is pressing for greater political rights.”

Bahrain and Syria

Despite the severity of the crisis in Bahrain it is clear that this nation isn’t being destabilized by outside nations which are spreading terrorism, sectarianism and sedition. This is because “the other side” isn’t interested in creating failed states and supporting international jihadists and daily car bombings. Therefore, “the other side,” which applies to China, India, Iran, Iraq, Syria, the Russian Federation, and Bric nations in general; support “conflict resolution” instead of “destabilization.”

However, for Syria this nation isn’t so lucky because their enemies will use any means at their disposal. This reality means that Syria is being destabilized by the “axis of evil” which openly supports terrorism, sedition, sectarianism and the spreading of Salfi indoctrination. Nations involved in this reality will have varying degrees of responsibility but clearly Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other nations in the Gulf, are in the vanguard of supporting international jihadists, mercenaries, and a plethora of evil forces, against the people of Syria. Western opportunism is also involved because Washington could easily exert genuine pressure on these nations if it was truly at loggerheads with their brutal deeds. Also, France and the United Kingdom have played their part in “the axis of evil” even if divisions are starting to show in France because of recent events in Algeria, Mali and Tunisia.

It is abundantly clear that the Middle East and North Africa is very unstable and that it is essential that respective grievances are met by “internal methods of conflict resolution.” At the same time, all nations involved in the destabilization of Syria must refrain because Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan, are all fraying even more at the edges. Not only this, terrorist forces and sectarianism are gaining a new lease of life once more in Iraq – and similar tensions are emerging in parts of Lebanon. Of course you have no easy solution given the reality of respective internal issues and the role of outside nations. Despite this, if outside nations stop meddling then gradually some order will be restored to the Levant. Similarly, the grievances of the Shia in Bahrain and other political forces throughout all communities in this nation are genuine. Therefore, greater mutual trust between all third parties would at least lay the foundation for focusing on respective powerful issues which need addressing.

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