Senior Cleric al-Bouti Killed in a Mosque by the Friends of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Senior Cleric al-Bouti Killed in a Mosque by the Friends of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

Murad Mahkmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The democracy of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various Islamist factions was once more made clear in Damascus. This applies to the targeting and murder of a prominent Sunni religious cleric while he was teaching people about Islam. However, for the FSA and various Islamist factions Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti was a danger because he denounced the traitors and enemies of Syria. Therefore, his only crime was to speak from the heart and to denounce the so-called opposition which beheads, kills journalists, cleanses areas of minorities, murders pro-government Syrians, indoctrinates children to hate, destroys the infrastructure and other brutal realities.

Islamists and international jihadists care little if they murder an innocent religious cleric and the same applies to the other innocents which were slaughtered inside the mosque in Damascus. Indeed, images have shown FSA Islamists destroying Shia holy places, killing people tied up in front of mosques and individuals ransacking Christian churches. All this, according to people like William Hague (United Kingdom) and John Kerry (United States) equates to democracy, freedom, liberty and the need to provide further funding. Also, it is abundantly clear that the FSA fight alongside an array of different Islamist terrorist factions and to split one from the other is nigh impossible. Therefore, even if you split the various factions they still equate to brutality, terrorism and sectarianism. This reality prevents America from its “escape clause” whereby they differentiate between al-Qaeda factions and so-called “moderate elements” because it is well documented that they attack government forces and innocent civilians collectively when it suits. More important, many of the worse massacres have also been committed by factions deemed suitable.

It is currently known that 49 innocent people were massacred in the latest terrorist attack which took place inside the al-Iman Mosque in Damascus. Of course, this will receive minor condemnation (if any) in the corridors of power in America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. After all, the side which keeps on beheading, cleansing minorities, doing car bombings and other brutal deeds; is the side being supported throughout the Gulf and by four NATO powers which have no qualms with international terrorists utilizing NATO Turkey. The new world order is replicating the dirty proxy wars which supported untold brutality during the Cold War. Like usual, the same players are involved because they control the majority of the mass media throughout the world therefore spinning unreality is second nature.

The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned the latest brutal terrorist attack. According to the statement published on Russia Today the ministry stated “We firmly condemn the terrorists’ new heinous crime.”

“There is no doubt about the forces that stand behind the killing of Muslim clergymen who depend on the principles of moderation, tolerance and patriotism.”

Alexander Lukashevich, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, commented that “the extremists didn’t forgive al-Bouti’s call for peace and condemning terrorism and armed violence or the criticism he made against the extremists who hide behind the banner of Islam because of their ignorance of religion.”

Irrespective of what comments are made in America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom about this brutal terrorist attack; they can’t escape their collective crime in supporting all and sundry against the government of Syria. It is the above nations which have created the destabilization of Syria alongside other nations in the Gulf region and with various types of support from countries which are compliant. This applies to many networks and routes which are being utilized by past policies which unleashed conflict and chaos. Not surprisingly, the Balkan conflicts and the chaos in Libya became areas to utilize in supporting the FSA and various Islamist factions. The same applies to Chechen Islamists which were provided with safe havens in Georgia and Turkey (two allies of America) in the past. Other major ratlines apply to parts of Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Turkey. Iraq is trying to stem the tide because this nation is opposed to the actions of Turkey and several Gulf nations which are supporting the destabilization of Syria. However, Iraq also suffers from sectarianism and terrorism therefore the center is too weak to stop the flow of Sunni Islamist terrorist groups from entering Syria despite the good intentions of Baghdad.

It is abundantly clear that Turkey is a major conduit for terrorists, military hardware, covert operatives and where certain areas are being used along the border with Syria in order to create “special zones” of sedition. Alongside all this is another threat to Syria and this applies to Salafi indoctrination because Islamists want to crush Levant Islam. Therefore, Islamists and regional Sunni dominated nations are spreading sectarianism in order to create more divisions within Syria.

Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti was murdered because he spoke out against the crimes being committed in Syria by a whole array of destructive forces. This meant that he was a threat to the so-called opposition being funded by feudal monarchs in the Gulf region and by the usual powerful players within NATO. America is constrained not by the weakness of President Obama but because of the legacy of September 11. Given this reality, it is difficult to sell a conflict whereby the same Islamist terrorists are now being openly supported by the friends of America. Similarly, the thousands of American soldiers who were killed in Iraq and the untold numbers who were maimed because of the Al-Qaeda Islamist led insurgency are now being mocked. After all, many of the very same terrorists are now fighting in Syria and clearly parts of Iraq are once more becoming destabilized. Despite this, the mass media on the whole is brushing all this under the carpet while the Obama administration is trying to support the destabilization of Syria from a distance because of the September 11 and Iraq factor (not neglecting the Libyan embassy reality).

The Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun, stated that the blood of al-Bouti “will be a fire burning in the Arab and Islamic worlds against all those who issued fatwas for killing our people in the Levant.”

“Islam will not die and Syria won’t bow, and I say to those who send arms into Syria: You will not undermine the pillar of Islam in Syria. Islam will remain pure and the Syrian people will remain steadfast.”

He further states in an article by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that Reminding of what al-Bouti said a week ago addressing “those who call themselves mujahideen,” the Mufti “don’t you see you stand, you are taking the sides of the foreign ministers of Britain, France and the US.”

“We haven’t taken the side of an authority or a rule; we are taking the side of a homeland against which all guns of the world are directed to destroy it.”

SANA reports that the Grand Mufti addressed “the Islamic world scholars at al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt and the Islamic World Association, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Muslim scholars unions.”  Hassoun stated that “If you keep silent today over the assassination of our sheikh, then in your silence you are complicit in the killing of 100 thousand martyrs in Syria.”

The FSA and various Islamist terrorist factions have beheaded and slit the throats of untold numbers of people, taught children to hate and kill captured Syrian soldiers, killed media personnel and done unimaginable massacres on a daily basis. Therefore, the brutal massacre of so many people inside a mosque sums up the pure hatred of the forces being supported by outside nations.

Modern Tokyo Times in another article stated that “Early 2012 and late 2012 are ending in the same way in Syria when it comes to killing Muslim religious leaders. In the early part of 2012 Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Ouf Sadeq was brutally murdered by Islamist terrorists. Sadly, in late December 2012 another religious leader was also shot in the head by Islamist terrorists. These Islamists follow the thought patterns of Saudi Arabia and other draconian Gulf nations.”

“The latest murder of a Muslim cleric highlights the barbarity of the various Islamist networks which are spreading sectarianism, terrorism, hatred and fear against the people of Syria. Sheikh Abdullah al-Saleh was brutally shot in the head for merely thinking and espousing mainstream Islam in Syria. This is the madness of the various Islamist terrorist organizations and the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) which is anything but “free.”

The Ministry of Religious Endowments (Awqaf) commented about the above matter. They issued a statement which said “that the terrorist attacks against scholars and directors of Awqaf directorates prove that the war launched against Syria is a war led by Takfiri and terrorist organizations against the moderation and tolerance of the Syrian religious thought.”

Sheikh Mohammad Ahmad Ouf Sadeq was killed because he desired “hope” over “hatred.” Likewise, Dr. Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti was killed because he spoke about the evil of sectarianism and terrorism. Syria is facing not only a brutal war but also a war against Syrian civilization because Salafists and other forces in the Gulf want to crush the mosaic of Syria.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “Indigenous Islam in Syria is fighting for an inclusive Syria where all faith groups share a common home. The enemies of Syria within the Middle East support the dominance of a fanatical branch of Islam which will attack and destroy Syrian civilization. Western elites in London, Washington and Paris care nothing about democracy, religious freedom or civilization – instead, for these nations it is about geopolitics. After all, if they cared about religious freedom and democracy then why are these nations pro-Saudi Arabia?”

The Russian Federation continues to state that political dialogue is the only solution and that no pre-conditions can be given because only Syrians can decide the fate of Syria. However, outside nations supporting the various terrorist factions in Syria are clearly showing that nothing is sacred in their brutal worldview. It is also disingenuous for so-called opposition figures to claim that they have nothing to do with killing religious clerics and attacking mosques and other places of worship. Images show that this is a clear lie because many holy places have been attacked and several religious clerics have been killed by various different FSA and Islamist factions.

It is time for the United Nations to condemn the countless number of terrorist attacks in Syria. Also, it is time for the United Nations to condemn the nations involved in sponsoring terrorism, sedition and sectarianism and for these nations to be held accountable. Similarly, powerful nations that are opposed to what is happening in Syria must stand up and be counted because if Syria is completely destabilized then which nation will be next? 

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