Destabilization of Iraq and Syria: Gulf Nations, Western Powers, Turkey and Terrorism

Destabilization of Iraq and Syria: Gulf Nations, Western Powers, Turkey and Terrorism

Murad Makhmudov and Walter Sebastian

Modern Tokyo Times

America, France and the United Kingdom gave the green light to Qatar and Saudi Arabia to destabilize Syria. Turkey became the essential binding force in the chain of events because of geography whereby covert operatives, mercenaries, terrorists and the forces of sectarianism would be given a free reign. Military equipment would flow in several directions and Islamist organizations in Libya and Tunisia became “play grounds for inciting hatred and helping the flow of military arms and terrorists.” The Balkans would also emerge based on past conflicts. Therefore, Croatia and Kosovo became a chain in the terrorist ratlines being pulled by the CIA, MI6 and various other intelligence agencies. Parts of Lebanon in the Sunni heartland would also become a conduit for supplying military arms, covert operatives and terrorists. Meanwhile, Jordan would face enormous pressure to join the anti-Syrian, pro-terrorist and pro-sectarian alliance. However, given the fear of Islamist political forces in Jordan then clearly this nation is worried about the bigger picture.

Major Western and Gulf powers are utilizing the media to the maximum in order to sell their “dirty terrorist and sectarian war.” Elites within America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom became over confident after the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya. This reality meant that they believed that Syria would succumb to external pressure. Therefore, the more Syria united under the Bashar al-Assad government – then this forced outside nations to up the ante in the terrorist arena, covert operatives on the ground, manipulating the mass media and utilizing al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist networks. When it became clear that the Syrian armed forces were holding their own then the Chechen and Caucasus angle became increasingly powerful by the middle of 2012 because of past failures. Despite this, the many massacres by the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and various Islamist terrorist organizations against the people of Syria – and captured soldiers – meant that even sympathetic forces were being repulsed by such barbarity.

The more outside nations increased their terrorist and sectarian ratlines against Syria then Iraq felt these convulsions with the upshot being that this nation is once more facing a sectarian crisis. America, France and the United Kingdom know full well that Afghanistan, parts of Pakistan, Libya, and Iraq, are all blighted by terrorism and the weakness of central forces. However, despite not being able to contain the forces that they helped to unleash with willing partners in the Sunni Muslim world; the same forces of destabilization then set about spreading chaos to Syria. At no point did Gulf and Western powers consider the knock on effects to Iraq and likewise the deaths of vast numbers of people doesn’t enter the equation. In Libya the only motive now appears to have been killing Gaddafi brutally and to destroy the old order at all costs. Issues related to stabilization are soon thrown out of the window because the same axis of evil then moves on to another nation. Therefore, the flow of failed states is increasing while miraculously Israel, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are immune from all the upheaval because all three nations belong to the intrigues of Washington, London and Paris.

Indeed, the main reason why the conflict in Syria is continuing is because Gulf and Western powers alongside Turkey are afraid to fail. After all, they know that failure will lead to powerful divisions throughout the region based on two powerful blocks. Not only this, it is clear that the government of Iraq is disillusioned with America, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Gulf powers for their destabilization policies throughout the Middle East. This reality means that Iraq may decide to view Iran with a more favorable light because the very future of the power of the central state is at stake. It is abundantly clear to the Baghdad government that nations opposed to Syria care zilch about spreading terrorism and sectarianism in order to defeat the government of Bashar al-Assad. This in turn means that the same nations think nothing about igniting sectarianism once more in Iraq. After all, it is obvious that al-Qaeda and other Islamist terrorist forces in Iraq have become willing stooges of Qatar and Saudi Arabia which in turn emboldens them once more to attack central forces in Iraq.

Under the watch of President Obama and willing political fools in France and the United Kingdom the influence of al-Qaeda is spreading and the same applies to Salafi Islamist political forces. Therefore, the entire Levant, North Africa and parts of West Africa have become caught up in the terrorist, sectarian and Islamist agenda of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. This means that America and the United Kingdom have become willing partners in the Islamist agenda of the Gulf while France is caught in the middle because political elites in Paris want to protect Algeria, Mali and Tunisia from the threat of militant Islam. Yet, when it comes to Syria the nation of France is doing the opposite by supporting the whims of Gulf powers, America, Turkey and the United Kingdom. France should rethink this policy because in history this nation favored more secular forces in the Middle East unlike America and the United Kingdom which always sided with conservative feudal monarchs and despotic leaders.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “It is clear that meddling in Syria related to international terrorism, sectarianism and sedition are being employed against this secular nation. Yet this could back-fire big time? After all, the mosaic of Lebanon is being threatened by sectarianism which is being funded by outside powers in order to support the FSA, Al-Qaeda and various Islamist factions against secular Syria. Meanwhile, major issues persist in Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, and other nations, which have been hit by the so-called “Arab Spring.” However, if Syria unravels then the patchwork of the Levant and the Middle East may suffer from the consequences – and this notably relates to the “failed state domino system” which swallowed up Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations after outside meddling.

Iraq and Syria are facing the blunt reality of outside meddling and for the people of Iraq this is yet another cycle of sectarian violence whereby the usual players care little about the horrendous death toll. Al-Qaeda, radical Salafism and the Muslim Brotherhood have all collectively gained from the policies of Washington and London in recent times in the Levant, North Africa and parts of West Africa. Ironically, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia care little about destabilizing Iraq and Syria it is clear that both feudal monarchs are at odds about supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. This sums up these two callous nations and it also says everything about the current governments of America, France, Turkey and the United Kingdom which are partaking in the unfolding chaos. Therefore, it is essential that Iraq and Syria move closer together and work with nations which support stability in order to defeat the forces of chaos.

Lee Jay Walker gave support to both main writers

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