Shia Pilgrims Killed in Iraq by Militant Sunni Islamists: Iran Needs to Wake Up

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Shia Pilgrims Killed in Iraq by Militant Sunni Islamists: Iran Needs to Wake Up

Boutros Hussein and Murad Makhmudov

Modern Tokyo Times

Iranian Shia Muslim pilgrims planned to show their piety by visiting holy places in Iraq but once more many were slaughtered by Sunni Islamists which deem the Shia to be non-Muslim and worthy of killing in the name of Allah. Of course, this reality is replicated in other nations like Pakistan whereby countless attacks have slaughtered untold numbers of Shia Muslims inside mosques or during religious pilgrimage. Surely, if Shia Muslims were being slaughtered in mainly Christian nations like this then the mass media would be in frenzy mode; however, it is just another massacre against innocent Shia followers at the hands of Sunni Islamist fanatics.

The latest attack ( carried out against Shia pilgrims who were travelling on a bus. Indeed, images from Pakistan show clearly that Takfiri Islamists sometimes stop buses and then single out Shia Muslims before slaughtering them. Iran needs to wake up from the “Zionist scapegoat” and acknowledge that their co-religionist are being slaughtered and persecuted by a plethora of Islamist terrorist organizations in the Sunni Muslim world.

In so-called moderate Malaysia it is illegal for Shia Muslims to build holy places and be treated equally. Of course, this doesn’t suit the usual rhetoric coming out of Tehran. However, something needs to be done during major Islamic conferences in order to address the mass hatred towards the Shia. If not, then more massacres will take place in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and other nations, where the Shia suffer enormous persecution at the hands of Sunni Islamic intolerance.

Clearly the issue isn’t only about Takfiri Islamists spreading hatred because Malaysia isn’t governed by these thought patterns. It is time for Iran to do more to help their co-religionists. After all, look at the treachery of Hamas in Gaza because this organization soon showed its sectarian hand despite Iran and Syria being pro-Palestinian. Therefore, Hamas soon favored the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA) and began to infiltrate Palestinian areas in Syria in order to spread the sectarian message.

In the latest massacre against Shia pilgrims AP reports that Suicide attackers rammed car bombs on Friday into a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims and a police checkpoint west of Baghdad, killing 19 people in all, in the latest bout of violence to rattle Iraq.”

“The attacks follow the deadliest two months in Iraq in half a decade, raising fears the country is descending into a renewed wave of widespread killing like the one that drove the nation to the brink of civil war following the U.S.-led invasion.”

In Syria despite the armed forces being multi-religious and all major Sunni Muslim religious leaders supporting the government to control the crisis created by Gulf petrodollars and Western meddling. It is clear that Sunni Muslim militants are entering Syria in order to kill the Alawites, Shia and to persecute the minority Christian community. At the same time, mainstream Sunni Muslim leaders are being killed and targeted by Takfiri Islamists in Syria because they believe that moderate Sunni Islam is a betrayal to their worldview based on enormous hatred.

Once more Shia pilgrims were slaughtered like sheep by Sunni Islamist militants and like usual nothing will be done to alter the enormous blind hatred towards the embattled followers of this faith. Iran needs to do more because this nation is the most powerful mainly Shia nation in the world. If not, then just like in Bahrain, their co-religionists will continue to suffer throughout the Sunni Muslim world. Something needs to be done to stem the tide of this hatred and quickly! Shia Rights Watch

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