Syria: FSA and Al-Qaeda in Power Struggle while Hezbollah helps Muslims, Christians and the Mosaic

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Syria: FSA and Al-Qaeda in Power Struggle while Hezbollah helps Muslims, Christians and the Mosaic

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Syrian armed forces continue to fight against countless different terrorist, sectarian and mercenary forces which all enjoy beheading and killing pro-Syrian government civilians. Indeed, given the criminal nature of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist groups and other terrorist organizations; then often they kill people in order to steal property or because of religious issues. Therefore, the murder of a high ranking figure within the FSA by al-Qaeda affiliates isn’t surprising because killing comes natural to both sides.

Equally embarrassing for America, France, and the United Kingdom, is that events leading to the death of Kamal Hamami (Abu Bassel al-Ladkani) confirm that the FSA and al-Qaeda are working together – even if frays are emerging based on criminality and mutual barbarity. Hamami freely met members of the al-Qaeda affiliate terrorist group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. This reality shows that a member of the Supreme Military Council of the FSA was planning a joint attack with al-Qaeda against the Syrian army. Alas, this confirms the lies given by President Obama of America, President Hollande of France and Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom. After all, they claim that the FSA is separate from al-Qaeda groups but clearly senior figures from the FSA have praised al-Nusra and other affiliated groups to al-Qaeda.

Of course, in the new world of America, France, and the United Kingdom, it appears fine to lie openly and to prop-up groups which side with slaughtering Christians and Muslims in the name of Islamic jihad. Alawites, Christians, the Shia and Sunni Muslims have been butchered based on faith, criminality and because of political persuasion. Mainstream Sunni Muslim clerics in Syria continue to condemn the barbarity of Takfiris and Salafists; which seek to crush indigenous Sunni Islam by taking the sword to all moderate forces. Meanwhile, the FSA and various al-Qaeda affiliated groups take great pleasure in beheading and butchering minorities within the Muslim and Christian faith.

Hamami, just like the secret services of America, France, and the United Kingdom; never learn anything because al-Qaeda always turns against all and sundry and then against itself. It is one bloody legacy after another and this notably applies to Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and Syria. Despite this, the same terrorist ratlines are used and manipulated until blowback entails and then of course it is usually too late.

Not many people will shed a tear for Hamami because he had no qualms in working alongside al-Qaeda and collecting money from major Gulf and Western powers. Hamami was an enemy of Syria and he perished by the sword he supported against his own people. However, more important it is evidence that the FSA and al-Qaeda work together even if this may breakdown in the near future. Therefore, it is time to hold the leaders of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, to be accountable for their involvement in supporting sectarianism, terrorism and sedition against the people of Syria.

Under the Obama administration it is clear that September 11 no longer means anything because even George Bush tried to cut the chains which linked past policies of America with al-Qaeda. However, the new Obama doctrine in Libya and Syria clearly highlights that al-Qaeda groups are benefitting from the foreign policy objectives and deeds of Washington. Of course, the same applies to the leaders of France and the United Kingdom.

FSA spokesperson clarified to Reuters that “The Islamic State phoned me saying that they killed Abu Basir and that they will kill all of the Supreme Military Council.” This follows on from last week when another FSA terrorist was beheaded by the Islamic State in Idlib province. His death is somewhat ironic because the FSA and al-Qaeda groups adore beheading their enemies and most likely he had witnessed his own side do the same to innocent Syrian civilians and captured Syrian soldiers. It remains to be seen if the FSA will turn against al-Qaeda affiliated groups or if they will come to an agreement whereby they work hand in hand again.

Hezbollah helping the mosaic of Syria

Hezbollah is now stepping into the Syrian crisis created by outside nations which funded sectarianism, terrorism and sedition. The Hezbollah movement supports the mosaic of Syria and this can be seen by their actions. When Qusair fell to forces being supported by Gulf and Western powers then al Nusra and other terrorist groups persecuted various religious minorities and desecrated their respective holy places.

Recently a very barbaric case was reported from Qusair whereby Takfiris systematically raped a young Christian girl. Agenzia Fides News Agency reports that Mariam was a 15-year-old Christian from Qusair, a city of the governorate in Homs, 35 km south of the capital. The city, which had become a stronghold of the Syrian rebels……..While her family was able to escape, Mariam was taken and forced into an Islamic marriage. Fides sources point out that, through social networks, the fatwa was widespread in Syria produced by Yasir al-Ajlawni – A Salafi sheikh of Jordanian origin, resident in Damascus – who declared lawful, for opponents of the regime of Bashar al-Assad, rape committed against “any non-Sunni Syrian woman.” According to the fatwa to capture and rape Alawi or Christian women is not contrary to the precepts of Islam.”

“The commander of the battalion “Jabhat al-Nusra” in Qusair took Mariam, married and raped her. Then he repudiated her. The next day the young woman was forced to marry another Islamic militant. He also raped her and then repudiated her. The same trend was repeated for 15 days, and Mariam was raped by 15 different men. This psychologically destabilized her and made her insane. Mariam, became mentally unstable and was eventually killed.”

Of course, this never concerned the FSA which is supported by America, France, the United, Kingdom, Turkey and various Gulf states – notably Qatar and Saudi Arabia. After all, the FSA have slaughtered and beheaded openly and the so-called “moderate force” against the Syrian government doesn’t exist. Therefore, Hamami freely visited al-Qaeda affiliates in order to plot more massacres and terrorist attacks against the Syrian government. However, this time the bloodthirsty Gulf and Western funded groups decided to kill each other; therefore, Hamami died fittingly by the same terrorists he supported.

Turning back to Qusair then when this place was retaken by the Syrian armed forces and Hezbollah; then Christians once more felt protected. Now Qusair is returning back to life despite all the devastation and mass brutality installed by Gulf and Western backed forces.

Modern Tokyo Times states in another article that “Qusair is now under Syrian government forces which are loyal to Bashar al-Assad after defeating Gulf and Western supported terrorists and sectarian killers in this part of Syria. Hezbollah played a role in the liberation of Qusair and since this time the church which was desecrated by the forces being supported by Gulf and Western powers is now being consecrated again. In other words, the Syrian armed forces and Hezbollah have cleansed Qusair from brutal terrorists and the rapists of young Mariam – and they are now restoring order. This reality should shame the troika of America, France and the United Kingdom which peddle so much hatred towards forces which seek to protect all Syrians. Therefore, young Mariam was raped by the collective actions of major Western powers which are aligned with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.”

Hasan Nasrallah from Hezbollah states that“If the Takfiri groups gain control of border areas with Lebanon, they will pose a threat to both Muslims and Christians.”

Nasrallah also states that Syria has real friends, in the region and the world, that will not let it fall into the hands of America, Israel and Takfiri groups.”

Unlike America, France, and the United Kingdom, which know full well that Christians are fearful of the FSA and various al-Qaeda groups – and that the fate of Iraq awaits. Hezbollah is now stepping in whereby they are helping Muslims and Christians alike in Syria. Similarly, Hezbollah knows full well that Takfiris and Salafists want to ignite sectarianism in Lebanon in order to further the cause of Gulf and Western powers.

Therefore, if al-Qaeda groups fully turn against the FSA instead of working together then the armed forces of Syria will gain. It remains to be seen if al-Qaeda groups will try to liquidate and “kill all of the Supreme Military Council.” Either way, the murder of Hamami is evidence that the FSA and al-Qaeda have been working together; it is also further evidence that blowback awaits all nations and forces which try to utilize al-Qaeda. Therefore, it is hoped that the friends of Syria will continue to support this nation and that the “barbaric chain of conspirators” will bite the dust based on their actions.

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