Tibetan Buddhist Monk Beaten to Death by Authorities in China: Jamyang Geshe Ngawang

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Tibetan Buddhist Monk Beaten to Death by Authorities in China: Jamyang Geshe Ngawang 

Toshiyo Tanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


According to reports a very healthy Tibetan Buddhist monk named Jamyang Geshe Ngawang was beaten to death while in the custody of Chinese police. Of course, the sad reality is that the people of Tibet are subject to the continuing Han Chinese domination of this part of modern day China where Beijing rules like a colonial power. Similarly, while powerful Western nations may raise the issue of Tibet, it is more than apparent that trade is triumphing at the expense of human rights. Therefore, the murder of a Tibetan Buddhist monk will not stop political leaders in powerful nations from focusing on economics at all costs.

Jamyang Geshe Ngawang was a very popular Buddhist monk in the restive Driru County. Yet he was arrested along with two friends while visiting Lhasa on dubious grounds on November 23. After this period, he disappeared from the radar because of the nature of modern day China whereby political authorities, the security apparatus and local police forces can enforce their power on a whim.  However, on December 17 it became known that Jamyang Geshe Ngawang had been killed after the police contacted his family in order to give them his body.

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy stated categorically that “the monk was beaten to death while being held in a secret prison. He was a big man and in good health when he left his monastery to visit Lhasa.”

Asia News says the Buddhist monk was “Born in 1968 in the county of Driru, Geshe Jamyang entered the monastery in 1987, two years after moving to India, where he continued his religious studies for 19 years. In 2007, he returned to Tibet to try to propagate Buddhism and Tibetan culture in its region of origin. In 2008 he was sentenced to two years in prison on charges of “maintaining contacts with foreign countries,” but was released early on good behavior.”

Since September the brutal crackdown against Tibetans is continuing in Driru therefore approximately one thousand Tibetans have been arrested. Ironically, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which basically supports rampant capitalism and the exploitation of labor, is now imposing re-education classes on Tibetans.  Of course, re-education means acknowledging the supremacy of China over indigenous Tibetan culture.

Radio Free Asia reports from a source inside Tibet who comments that “Area monks who have studied at Buddhist institutions in neighboring Chinese provinces are being recalled for indoctrination, while monks who have visited India and Nepal are being targeted for intense re-education sessions.”

The sad reality for Tibetans is that the CCP is enforcing a demographic and cultural time bomb against the indigenous people of Tibet. At the same time, Westerns powers on the whole care little about the plight of Tibetans apart from photo opportunities with the Dalai Lama and empty words. In the meantime, the onslaught against Tibetans is continuing and Buddhist monks like Jamyang Geshe Ngawang are paying the ultimate price, while capitalists from all over the world are thinking about trade and profits.





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