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Pakistan Christians Get No Justice: Muslims who Burnt Christian Homes and Churches are Acquitted

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Protests in Romania Grow based on Leftist Government Seeking to Free Corrupt Officials


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Marine Le Pen Promises to Restore Hope and Fight Globalization in France Election Bid

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Brazil and Deaths Reaching Nearly 100 since Military Police went on Strike in Vitoria

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America, China, and Taiwan: Democracy or the Continuation of the one-China Policy?

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Russia needs Caution towards Japan based on the American Question: Analogy of China

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Saudi Arabia is the epicenter of Harakah al-Yaqin: Gulf Petrodollars Assisting Jihadists in Myanmar


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Merkel’s “Collateral Damage” in Germany: Cologne to Terrorism in Berlin and non-Refugee

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Iceland says the Return of the United Kingdom to EFTA would be welcomed after Brexit

Iceland says the Return of the United Kingdom to EFTA would be welcomed after Brexit Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times The Foreign Minister of Iceland, Lilja Alfredsdottir, said that her nation would welcome the United Kingdom back into the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) after the United Kingdom finalizes Brexit. Alfredsdottir […]

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Anti Shia Persecution and Direct Intimidation in Bahrain: Sunni and Western Alienation

Anti Shia Persecution and Direct Intimidation in Bahrain: Sunni and Western Alienation Jibril Khoury, Kanako Itamae, and Lee Jay Walker Modern Tokyo Times It appears that the Sunni-led leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain is intent on increasing tensions with the Shia majority. This reality is based on stripping Ayatollah Sheik Issa Qassim of Bahraini […]

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