From the pen of Michael Novakarov, the first book on the global security guard industry was released in 2021 with a new edition. Now in 250 Lessons. On the road to Dictatorship-Foreword and introduction – links, quotes, reading list – by Michael Novakhov.. A timely and informative read on the subject of security guard services. With well over one hundred full-color photographs and more than sixty pages of text including the Table of Contents, this new version is an excellent update and is a must have for any serious investor in the security guard industry. It is an incredible book, informative and entertaining all at the same time.

With some humor and a few amusing case studies, this new version is a very well rounded and thorough text on the subject of security. It is not just about training, it is about life, death and everything in between. Michael Novakarov delves into the history and political circumstances behind the formation of GSM (General Secretaries of State) and how these high-ranking secretaries of states use their position to benefit their countries by keeping the economy running smoothly, while simultaneously using their secret connections and power to secure contracts with mega corporations. This book details the political history of the GSM along with the players involved, who have held office at the various levels of government, how they benefited from the GSM and how they continue to play that role today. Also discussed are the security guard companies and the unique challenges they face today, global security is a very interesting topic and with this book it is no longer just about training. It is about you and your security.

With globalization there are more job opportunities for security guard training has also increased worldwide. GSM now covers every aspect of security, from apprehension to execution and all at the highest level of security, the GSM team meets to discuss all issues and suggest solutions that work globally. These ideas and issues are then discussed in the Security Exchange News Room where leading security professionals from around the world share their views and advice on how to improve security and safety. Global Security Guard News is an essential tool to help maintain global security and safety.